Common Chinese New Year Phrases (Greetings)

Common Lunar New Year greetings phrases and their meanings in English

恭喜发财 (恭喜發財)
Wishing you wealth and prosperity.

身体健康 (身體健康)
Wishing you good health.

龙马精神 (龍馬精神)
Wishing you energy and vitality as dragons and horses.

心想事成 (心想事成)
May all your wishes come true.

万事如意 (萬事如意)
May everything go as you hope.

大吉大利 (大吉大利)
Wishing you great luck and great profit.

吉星高照 (吉星高照)
May you be blessed by lucky star.

笑口常开 (笑口常開)
Wishing you happiness and constant laughter.

出入平安 (出入平安)
Wishing you safety and peace wherever you go.

年年有余 (年年有餘)
May you have surplus year after year. May you earn more than you spend every year.

财源广进 (財源廣進)
May wealth come generously to you.

生意兴隆 (生意興隆)
May your business flourish.

步步高升 (步步高升)
May every step take you higher. May you have a great prospect.

和气生财 (和氣生財)
May harmony bring you wealth.

青春常驻 (青春常駐)
Wishing you youthful vigor forever.

学业进步 (學業進步)
Wishing you progress in studies. May you excel in your studies.(for children)

快高长大 (快高長大)
May you be tall and strong. (for children)

聪明伶俐 (聰明伶俐)
May you be smart and bright. (for children)

Some of the phrases spoken in Cantonese

Some of the phrases spoken in Mandarin